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The alternative to cuts in public services

Billions are lost every year through tax evasion and tax avoidance by big business and wealthy individuals

Another £27.7 billion is uncollected every year by HM Revenue & Customs, because of cuts in staff

Introducing a Robin Hood Tax - a tiny 0.05 per cent tax on financial speculators - could raise $400 billion globally

Almost £2billion is being spent on privatising the NHS The public now owns several banks - their profits should be used to invest in public services

Stopping the replacement of, for example, Trident, would save £78 billion

Cracking down hard on the obscene bonuses of bankers – who caused this mess in the first place – would raise billions more.

Cutting public services only creates MORE unemployment and increases the benefits bill. Growing the economy and creating jobs in both the private and public sectors is the sensible way to achieve sustainable recovery.

- On twitter our tweets this week for 2012 02 05

On twitter our tweets this week for 2012 02 05

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