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Legal & General Chief Executive Nigel Wilson had warned that bank-bullying behaviour may result in financial institutions investing lower in local spending.

Bank-bullying, as perceived by L&G, began after the rise of mis sold PPI and several other financial scandals that had banks pay more than £30 billion in fines and recompense.

The Budget for 2015, according to UK Finance Minister and BoE Chancellor George Osborne, will have banks help the UK public turn the tide of economic stagnancy.

In the 2008 financial crisis, several banks were pulled out by UK taxpayer money. Some of these banks have committed financial rate rigging and had mis sold PPI.

Budget 2015 might seem to bully banks, so let’s take a look at how things were in 2013

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There is nothing beautiful than to see the beauty of nature in your own home, the garden. When you are an elderly or disabled, there is nothing precious to your eyes than the sight of a lovely garden. But what if that precious garden of yours is not anymore maintained? What if that precious garden of yours is dying? What would it cause you?

A garden is actually beneficial to our health, especially for the elders and the disabled. It is quite an enjoyable sight to see and it provides a place where everyone can relax. Specially maintained garden helps people remain connected with nature.

There are many benefits that a garden can give especially to the elderly and the disabled:
•    Gardens can make the community being able to socialize: share activities and information, and produce intergenerational activities. For short, it has the potential for bringing together people.
•    Research indicates that physical as well as visual access to nature helps people recover from illness quicker.
•    Gardens help reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Gardens can make you happy and can calm the state of your mind. It is a good place to relax.
•    By doing gardening, a sense of control over one’s environment is often predictive of good health and higher quality of life among the elderly.
•    It provides benefits for a wide variety of people who are ill or recovering from illness.
•    It also helps people recovering from surgery in healthcare facilities, for those who are undergoing physical rehabilitation and for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease who are living in special care residences or who are living at home.
•    A healthy harvest from the garden can make the diet more nutritious.

Health is truly an important factor to a person and many people invests just for the sake it. Naturally, the government should also look into it and provide investments to be able to help the elderly and the disabled to their needs.

Seeing the needs of gardens for the elderly and the disabled, the government thought of this as an opportunity for them to be of service. The government is now providing free garden maintenance in East London to the elderly and the disabled council tenants. By providing free garden maintenance to the elderly and the disabled council tenants, the government was able to saw this as a possible help for them especially to their health.

Of course, even if the elderly can do the gardening themselves, there should be limitations as to what they should do right? (As they are old enough to move further and exert too much strength) Some physical, mental and age-related conditions must be considered: they would have to limit their strengths and consider other conditions of the elderly and disabled like skin, eyesight, mental, skeletal and body temperature. This is why the free garden maintenance to the elderly and the disabled council tenants are a great help.

The government sure did a wonderful job in being able to notice the needs of the elderly and the disabled. This free program of them sure is superb.

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Even more compared to 2 million of the poorest people in England are encountering rising council tax bill needs this year as a result of fresh Government cuts to the perk device, new figures disclose today. Battle widows, carers and the disabled are amongst 2.31 million folks which used to be entitled to council tax bill perk yet have actually now had their assistance significantly minimized or taken away entirely.
As an outcome, substantial varieties of families have actually been pushed into personal debt, with a survey revealing that virtually 16,000 individuals in London alone have actually been described the sheriffs for non-payment.

Under modifications to the perks device that came into complete impact this year, councils have actually lost virtually half a billion pounds that was formerly supplied by main government to remove the council or reduce tax costs for local residents on reduced revenues. As a result countless family members on reduced earnings have obtained council tax needs for the first time and hundreds of hundreds of folks encounter being summoned to court if they are unable to pay.

Flexibility of Information demands sent by Labor to all neighborhood authorities in England disclose that 409,000 impaired individuals have actually viewed their council tax rise, while 112,000 carers have also been attacked.

Some 3,600 recipients of pensions connecting to being a battle widow or an impaired veteran as an outcome of service in the Armed Forces have viewed their council tax rise. Council Tax Benefit utilized to provide nearly £5bn of assistance to 5.9 million individuals.

But in 2013 the Government cut the grant by £300m– and informed councils they would certainly need to locate the distinction from conserving or by lessening the advantage to inadequate homeowners.

In April this year the cut was enhanced to around £400m– which relates to around 10 per cent of the complete fund.

At the same time, councils have been outlawed from lowering council tax bill perk to pensioners, that comprise 2.2 countless the 5.9 million which used to acquire the support.

This suggests numerous councils are forced to balance the price of making certain pensioners are safeguarded by enhancing council tax obligations even additionally on youths, the jobless, the disabled, carers and people on reduced revenues.

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An influential team of MPs has actually assaulted a controversial Government plan that would certainly permit the taxman to seize financial obligation directly from the community’s individual financial institution accounts.

The cross-party Treasury Committee expressed “substantial problem” over Chancellor George Osborne’s new propositions for tax collection, calling for much better scrutiny over the strategies.

In their assessment of this year’s Budget, the MPs recommend the new powers can imply a back-door reintroduction of the discredited Crown Preference rule, which gave HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) priority access to properties when firms went breast.
The task force was dismissive of the Chancellor’s disagreement on behalf of the system that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) currently has comparable powers to gather child maintenance, ending that the “parallel is not precise”.
If the taxman was provided direct access to millions of accounts, they likewise highlighted the capacity for scams and mistake.

Tell us what you think about this latest development by participating in a discussion in the comments below.

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